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Friday, July 30, 2010

First Lesson

This is the first time ever, i got my self some proper camera (at least for me, it's my proper-est camera ever). For these few days, i always carry it in my bag and took some unnecessary pictures, trying this and that. Still learning how to use it and how to take a magnificent and impressive pictures.

And for my first lesson, i took some pictures of my office stuffs and mates. Also took some pictures of my dad when he accompanied me having dinner.

These pictures below, all the colors, brightness, contrast, and every detail are still original, just like when i took it with the camera. I only use the photoshop to do the layout and add some frame.. *still can't be away from photoshop*


My Old Man with his Current and Lifetime Hobbies =)
Still a bit blur =( But Love the Color Eventho' It's Not Perfect Yet... =)
Wolfy's Home (at my pc monitor)
Tried Some Depth Of Field.. Not Bad, but Still Love SLR More *well off cooouurseee*

Another pictures will soon be uploaded.. I'm soo excited with this new toy of mine.. xD


nb : Thanks to my ex-colleague adit for the lessons... Visit his blog at


  1. Further explanation : i use the manual mode.. :)

  2. wewwww....hehe u learning, n teach me later when i have the g11 too sae...haha...