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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tsunami Alert !!

First of all, this is not about the real nature disaster.. This is about some psychological thingy.
For few nights, i often dreamt about tsunami. The water rose so high and drown the entire city. But everybody was safe!! Including me and my family (FYI : which is they often appear in my dream lately).  For several weeks, i ignored them. But then it's really bothering me because it's always come and come and come again. It was really annoying, cos i really need a good night sleep. Why? Because the next day i had to wake up early so i wouldn't be late and it so damn annoying when i still very sleepy when i reached office.

Back to topic..

After i feel a bit annoyed, i started to feel curious. Then one day after i had that dream again (for i dont know how many times), i woke up and turned my laptop on and went to google right away. And i found the answer!!
Mr. Google said that when you have dream about tsunami or big flood, means you have some insecure things goes around your mind. And it may affect you psychologically and those tsunami dreams represent it.

Soon after i read those explanation, actually i feel a bit shocked, and automatically i just sit silently and search what's going on me.. And then yeah.. I do have some problems inside.. But who doesn't, right??

Each one of us has problems we have to endure. We must face it whether we like it or not.
And we always try to be strong and act as in our problem never become a disruption on our daily life.
We always smile and laugh as loud as we can. Look happy and cheerful. Symphatize others who brave enough to told people about their life problem.
We always try to look strong enough to face this life.

Well for me, maybe that's the problem...

After several observation, the more we look abundantly happy, the more we feel down inside. The more we symphatize other, the more we also symphatize our selves. The more we say strong word, the more we feel weak inside.
*well at least this theories works for me.. and i try my best to cover it.. lol*

But then, amazingly, after i found this fact, the dreams just vanished. And eventhough i'm not live happily peacefully yet, but i'm just glad to have some nice rest during the night. And to be honest, until now, i just still don't know what to do to solve my problem. Because they have appeared for so long, and it's not that i just realize it now. It's more to, i'm not ready or even never wanna be ready to realize it.
But hey, nature has it's own way to reveal their selves to the universe. And so does problems, they just reveal their selves to a person quietly and not asking for permission first. LOL..
But maybe it's just our choice to wanna get it done as soon as possible, or just let it flow and let the time fixed it for us which is not gonna work anyway.

My last words,
Actually i dont know what i'm babbling about. Just need to release something that goes around my mind lately.
Just correct me if i'm wrong.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chip Chop, Let's Have Dinner Together

Just read one article about some murder in Rusia. About some man kill other man, and then mutilate them. The article said, some part of his victim was sold to some kebab stall.. And yes, the kebab stall sold human flesh.. ( bet it taste awfully awful!! )..

And there's also an article about a young girl who did canibality to her self on her own will, and yes she's perfectly concious. As far as i remember, this one happened in some village in Indonesia.

After read those articles ( and there're still many more identical cases ), i began to think that this world is completely mad. Human are mad on their own way. I mean come on, how can those people bear to chop other human just like they chop some chicken? Well even chicken it self would never chop their own species, and then sold their own flesh to other chicken.
And for that sick young lady ( i call her sick, because there's a name for her illness.. i forgot what it is, but i've read it somewhere i forgot ), i can compare her to lion or tiger or even grizzli bear.. or the beastest one, great white shark.. They would never eat their own body eventhough they starved like for months...
My question is, what happened to human? What happened to our humanity?
We can easily kill our own kind, just because we don't like them or maybe for other sh**ty reasons.

But then here comes another thought, human is a species of emotion. We are so full of desire. We never feel we had enough. We always want some more and more and more..
We often read on papers, some mutilated murder never stop on the first victim.. There're always the second, the third, etc.. (maybe this one's called desire to kill --> guess it'll make some good movies.. LOL).
Maybe we all should learn some way to control our desire. Our emotions. But don't be emotionless. Without emotion we wouldn't be human after all, cos even animals have emotions too.
And the most important thing is do not ever forget to be graceful to God for what he gives us.  Only by remembering that, we could control our desire.

But still, i would never understand how human can kill other human and chop them into pieces. It sounds stupid to me. And very very heartless.


Friday Nite Report

Last nite was the premiere of this phenomenal movie. Since i know that this movie will release on November 13th (btw, did anyone realize that yesterday was Friday the 13th and on javanese calender, it's a Jumat Kliwon --> usually it's a bad sign on Indonesian myth and always related on spooky things), i made a plan right away, and ask my friend to buy the tickets on the theatre nearby my house. But then unfortunately, he couldnt make it.. And so i wish there will be some miracle upon me, i could rush home from my office and got us those tickets..

And there the miracle come!! There was a black out on my office area. After waited for about an hour, me and my colleagues decided to go home earlier.. But i was feel a bit doubt, because my office just rented some power supply.. And again luck was so upon me that day, the power supply couldn't run because there was not enough fuel.. Ahhh how happy i was.. So me n my friends really really rushed home right away before the lights were back on.. :p

And then i got us the tickets!!! Yeay...!!

The movie was actually good. It's a movie to watch. A true entertainer movie. But i couldn't really feel the emotion, except for the scene which all those people in the world gathered and send their prayer to God but in the end they will all dead.. On that scene i almost shed my tears, but then i hold it back (too shy to cry.. hate to show the melancholic side on public).
And the other scene i really excited to see was when the water rose so high and drown the great himalaya. I really love the effect and i almost drown to that scene.. I mean, i never know how it feels to be that Tibetan Lama. He can just sit calmly, peacefully waiting his time to go. And when the time come, he didnt look scared at all.. And it looks like he already knew it for so long.. Wow.. I envy him much more..

And for the other scene, i think they need to pay more attention to the detail. Example, where were those people who lived on the same neighborhood with John Cusack's family?? And there were no people panicking on the street.. No people at the office (the scene where the limo hit the full of glasses building)..

For the end of the movie, actually i was surprise because they ended up, landing at Africa Continent..

When i was still studying at the univ, for my DKV 5 project, my lecturer gave us project to designed social campaigne about global warming.. And after several discussion with my BF, he told me that once he read that Africa is the highest continent on earth.. Well, i used that fact and designed the poster.. Well, turns out that fact is a true fact.. LOL..

But i like the last word they say when they landed :
" ... that's why they call it Cape of Hope... "
For me, those words are moral of the movie, and also a good advice for me :
" no matter how hard your life, you must not loose your faith to hope.. Because the moment you lost your faith to hope, you also lost your faith to God.. "

Well.. It's all for now.. Hope u'll like it..


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Let's Break The Ice

Hello there...
Actually im not a person who really love to talk about my self. But because this is my first writing, i think it is really important for me to introduce my self.

You guys may call me with my nickname. Actually this is not my first attempt to make a blog, or to write something about anything. Well, i must admit it is really really hard for me to make some writing, either it's a good one or a trashy one.. I'm not really a word person..
But then, i often read about people's blog and i feel it very interesting to let people know what's inside my head, my opinions, etc. After i read it, i often ended up open this website, thinking about making an account and always ended up delete it.

And now, here i am (for only God knows how many times) sitting in front of my laptop and trying to type some proper introduction to you blogger ...... and now im stop, thinking so hard about what's next... LOL

Ah okay, i guess this is it for now. I hope this one's a good one.
( It takes like almost 30 minutes to write these short sentences..LOL.. but at least i'm trying.. ahh, i'm so amateur.. )