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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chip Chop, Let's Have Dinner Together

Just read one article about some murder in Rusia. About some man kill other man, and then mutilate them. The article said, some part of his victim was sold to some kebab stall.. And yes, the kebab stall sold human flesh.. ( bet it taste awfully awful!! )..

And there's also an article about a young girl who did canibality to her self on her own will, and yes she's perfectly concious. As far as i remember, this one happened in some village in Indonesia.

After read those articles ( and there're still many more identical cases ), i began to think that this world is completely mad. Human are mad on their own way. I mean come on, how can those people bear to chop other human just like they chop some chicken? Well even chicken it self would never chop their own species, and then sold their own flesh to other chicken.
And for that sick young lady ( i call her sick, because there's a name for her illness.. i forgot what it is, but i've read it somewhere i forgot ), i can compare her to lion or tiger or even grizzli bear.. or the beastest one, great white shark.. They would never eat their own body eventhough they starved like for months...
My question is, what happened to human? What happened to our humanity?
We can easily kill our own kind, just because we don't like them or maybe for other sh**ty reasons.

But then here comes another thought, human is a species of emotion. We are so full of desire. We never feel we had enough. We always want some more and more and more..
We often read on papers, some mutilated murder never stop on the first victim.. There're always the second, the third, etc.. (maybe this one's called desire to kill --> guess it'll make some good movies.. LOL).
Maybe we all should learn some way to control our desire. Our emotions. But don't be emotionless. Without emotion we wouldn't be human after all, cos even animals have emotions too.
And the most important thing is do not ever forget to be graceful to God for what he gives us.  Only by remembering that, we could control our desire.

But still, i would never understand how human can kill other human and chop them into pieces. It sounds stupid to me. And very very heartless.


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  1. Sial loe sae, gw baca begini pas gw lg makan sandwich, ada bacon nya gitu.. jd ga napsu tiba2... huhuhu... anyway, i followed ur blog just now...