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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tsunami Alert !!

First of all, this is not about the real nature disaster.. This is about some psychological thingy.
For few nights, i often dreamt about tsunami. The water rose so high and drown the entire city. But everybody was safe!! Including me and my family (FYI : which is they often appear in my dream lately).  For several weeks, i ignored them. But then it's really bothering me because it's always come and come and come again. It was really annoying, cos i really need a good night sleep. Why? Because the next day i had to wake up early so i wouldn't be late and it so damn annoying when i still very sleepy when i reached office.

Back to topic..

After i feel a bit annoyed, i started to feel curious. Then one day after i had that dream again (for i dont know how many times), i woke up and turned my laptop on and went to google right away. And i found the answer!!
Mr. Google said that when you have dream about tsunami or big flood, means you have some insecure things goes around your mind. And it may affect you psychologically and those tsunami dreams represent it.

Soon after i read those explanation, actually i feel a bit shocked, and automatically i just sit silently and search what's going on me.. And then yeah.. I do have some problems inside.. But who doesn't, right??

Each one of us has problems we have to endure. We must face it whether we like it or not.
And we always try to be strong and act as in our problem never become a disruption on our daily life.
We always smile and laugh as loud as we can. Look happy and cheerful. Symphatize others who brave enough to told people about their life problem.
We always try to look strong enough to face this life.

Well for me, maybe that's the problem...

After several observation, the more we look abundantly happy, the more we feel down inside. The more we symphatize other, the more we also symphatize our selves. The more we say strong word, the more we feel weak inside.
*well at least this theories works for me.. and i try my best to cover it.. lol*

But then, amazingly, after i found this fact, the dreams just vanished. And eventhough i'm not live happily peacefully yet, but i'm just glad to have some nice rest during the night. And to be honest, until now, i just still don't know what to do to solve my problem. Because they have appeared for so long, and it's not that i just realize it now. It's more to, i'm not ready or even never wanna be ready to realize it.
But hey, nature has it's own way to reveal their selves to the universe. And so does problems, they just reveal their selves to a person quietly and not asking for permission first. LOL..
But maybe it's just our choice to wanna get it done as soon as possible, or just let it flow and let the time fixed it for us which is not gonna work anyway.

My last words,
Actually i dont know what i'm babbling about. Just need to release something that goes around my mind lately.
Just correct me if i'm wrong.


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