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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Friday Nite Report

Last nite was the premiere of this phenomenal movie. Since i know that this movie will release on November 13th (btw, did anyone realize that yesterday was Friday the 13th and on javanese calender, it's a Jumat Kliwon --> usually it's a bad sign on Indonesian myth and always related on spooky things), i made a plan right away, and ask my friend to buy the tickets on the theatre nearby my house. But then unfortunately, he couldnt make it.. And so i wish there will be some miracle upon me, i could rush home from my office and got us those tickets..

And there the miracle come!! There was a black out on my office area. After waited for about an hour, me and my colleagues decided to go home earlier.. But i was feel a bit doubt, because my office just rented some power supply.. And again luck was so upon me that day, the power supply couldn't run because there was not enough fuel.. Ahhh how happy i was.. So me n my friends really really rushed home right away before the lights were back on.. :p

And then i got us the tickets!!! Yeay...!!

The movie was actually good. It's a movie to watch. A true entertainer movie. But i couldn't really feel the emotion, except for the scene which all those people in the world gathered and send their prayer to God but in the end they will all dead.. On that scene i almost shed my tears, but then i hold it back (too shy to cry.. hate to show the melancholic side on public).
And the other scene i really excited to see was when the water rose so high and drown the great himalaya. I really love the effect and i almost drown to that scene.. I mean, i never know how it feels to be that Tibetan Lama. He can just sit calmly, peacefully waiting his time to go. And when the time come, he didnt look scared at all.. And it looks like he already knew it for so long.. Wow.. I envy him much more..

And for the other scene, i think they need to pay more attention to the detail. Example, where were those people who lived on the same neighborhood with John Cusack's family?? And there were no people panicking on the street.. No people at the office (the scene where the limo hit the full of glasses building)..

For the end of the movie, actually i was surprise because they ended up, landing at Africa Continent..

When i was still studying at the univ, for my DKV 5 project, my lecturer gave us project to designed social campaigne about global warming.. And after several discussion with my BF, he told me that once he read that Africa is the highest continent on earth.. Well, i used that fact and designed the poster.. Well, turns out that fact is a true fact.. LOL..

But i like the last word they say when they landed :
" ... that's why they call it Cape of Hope... "
For me, those words are moral of the movie, and also a good advice for me :
" no matter how hard your life, you must not loose your faith to hope.. Because the moment you lost your faith to hope, you also lost your faith to God.. "

Well.. It's all for now.. Hope u'll like it..



  1. well, hello there stranger....
    so... there's something good came from the blackout,eh? good for you... lol... ^^

    i'm glad that nowadays people began to care about the earth, thanks to the global warming issue that blows the mind of a lot of people....

    but did you know that theres an opinion that global warming is only a myth?

    just like hiv/aids, they say that the disease came from a monkey from africa... but little di we know that hiv/aids is actually a virus developed and purposely spread among us as an effort to reduce human population by a secret organization called "free mason"??

    check out

    i like the last part of your article....
    where there is hope, there is always away....



  2. Cippppyyy.... hahah.. dont call me stranger will u..?? hehehe..

    Btw, yeah i heard some of the news abt those who developed HIV virus to reduce half of human population. They did it becos of some food problem so i heard.
    And i dont really know whether it's true or hoax.
    And i dont really care.. Why, because when it's time for us to go, then it shall be done.. It's only how will we leave this world.

    Anyway, how r u cipp??? Havent reach ur blog for awhile.. Sorry.. :)