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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Let's Break The Ice

Hello there...
Actually im not a person who really love to talk about my self. But because this is my first writing, i think it is really important for me to introduce my self.

You guys may call me with my nickname. Actually this is not my first attempt to make a blog, or to write something about anything. Well, i must admit it is really really hard for me to make some writing, either it's a good one or a trashy one.. I'm not really a word person..
But then, i often read about people's blog and i feel it very interesting to let people know what's inside my head, my opinions, etc. After i read it, i often ended up open this website, thinking about making an account and always ended up delete it.

And now, here i am (for only God knows how many times) sitting in front of my laptop and trying to type some proper introduction to you blogger ...... and now im stop, thinking so hard about what's next... LOL

Ah okay, i guess this is it for now. I hope this one's a good one.
( It takes like almost 30 minutes to write these short sentences..LOL.. but at least i'm trying.. ahh, i'm so amateur.. )


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